Founded by Suzie Bartle, Well Spirited is a specialist communications agency with a deliberate difference.

As the wellness scene burgeons, and consumer demands for access to conscious products and services increase, brands and businesses are facing common challenges when it comes to finding the right professional partnerships to deliver on their plans for success, namely:

  • They struggle to connect with professional partners that get ‘it’ to such a level that they can take them to next level success, exposure and sales
  • PR agencies only offer a generalist service and the one-size fits all approach is failing to gain impact with the press and media
  • They feel like an insignificant client whose real difference is overlooked or unappreciated
  • The rigid fee structure of a classic PR model can restrictive to your individual needs


Well Spirited is different: Serving wellness and lifestyle clients isn’t part of what we do. It is ALL that we do.

Whether your brand is in fashion, health food or coaching, if it could be described as ‘conscious’ or ‘heart centred’ and our approach is specifically geared up to deliver for you.

With over a decade working in PR, marketing and media relations and also running a Topshop best-selling concession fashion brand chosen by the likes of Kate Moss and Giselle Bundchen, Suzie Bartle has experience in all areas of consumer communications strategy and implementation.


Personal passion

Whilst working her hustle in the PR world Suzie found a passion for holistic wellness which led to her studying with New York based Institute of Integrative Nutrition, joining the alumni of noteworthy wellness figures including Get The Glow author Madeline Shaw to London’s famous raw café, Tanya’s, owner Tanya Mayher.


Our mission

At Well Spirited we are absolutely passionate about out crowding the negative daily story spins in the media with the growing number of purpose-led businesses and their inspiring backgrounds and ambitions. Through this, offering consumers a positive alternative via awareness and understanding of this new wave of game-changing brands and entrepreneurs.