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I'm thrilled to invite you to join a super intimate group of entrepreneurs in the Make Media Matter – an International mastermind starting July 16th.

This is for the creative sensitive and total go-getter entrepreneur who only knows how to think big. Someone who started their business knowing that their business never was about them. It was always about sharing a deeper message that can only be maximised with press coverage.

This will help you grow your business in the U.K. and U.S.. It will help you reach millions rather than 1000s on social media. And it will crack those dreamy media opportunities.

We will be all about getting you seen in the media in a big way, sharing your unique message with the world and finally cracking those International publications which will create doubtless ideal client interest and whatever else is in that big dream vision.


I see you’re over the staying small and I know you’re ready to really own your gifts in a way that feels serving in the world. 

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to Make media matter? Perhaps the following sounds like you:

  • Your business has done great things so far and you’re ready to shout about it!
  • You’re frustrated seeing other businesses get incredible press coverage when you know yours could too receive the same coverage IF people just knew about you
  • Perfectionism and procrastination is crippling you! 
  • You started a business with a mega mission in mind and the only way that happens is through mega visibility
  • You don’t want to engage in the icky PR agencies and swallow their retainer fees for something you know you could do yourself…if only you knew how! 

If I hear you shout ‘YES THAT’S ME’ then read on…


What if I told you all of these things could happen for you?

  • You sell-out your 1st creative retreat in Cuba
  • Your book launch is sponsored by your favourite luxury beauty brand after finally going to THAT event and making THAT game-changing connection
  • You land your own expert column in a dream industry publication
  • You land a meeting with British Vogue’s Editor to discuss your feature ideas
  • Suddenly you’re getting inundated with prospective client requests on the back of recent media coverage
  • You’re getting calls to comment as the expert you are to respond to relevant news stories
  • You schedule a meeting with Hay House to go through your book proposal

SPOILER ALERT: This has in fact happened for Well Spirited PR clients




“Suzie Bartle is one of the best straight talking creative coaches I have ever come across!” 

Caroline White
(Branding Photographer)

Caroline White .jpg

“After working with you my messaging is a lot stronger. So much so that people are now approaching me about about book writing coaching after a Instagram posts!” 

Greta Solomon
(Author and Writing Coach)



“Since working with you the business future has become really exciting as if anything if possible now!”
Kate Scott

(Swimwear Designer for ToDiveFor) 


Whilst working together on the ‘Making Media Matter’ 4-month Mastermind you can expect the following: 

  • Monthly 1:1 PR Mentoring for personalised tips, strategies and cheerleading
  • Exclusive Daily Livestreams (Mon - Fri) within a private Facebook group
  • Pitch copy and messaging feedback in a private Facebook Group setting you up for bespoke input throughout the 4-months
  • Step-by-step guidelines to get you pitching to any media or influencers you may have on your list! 
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls where you can ask me anything
  • Guidelines on how to reach out to celebrities and influencers in a totally not icky way! 
  • A how-to video guide on how to work out what the media need to know about YOU
  • An unshakable belief in your ability to land yourself in the press by the end of November
  • Group accountability
  • Support from other like-minded business owners biting at the bit to get seen in a BIG way! 
  • IRL journalist coffee meetings in New York(August), London (September), L.A. (October) where you practise your press pitching, quiz a real life journalist and network in a real life setting
  • BONUS: Media opportunities for you to jump on when they pop in my inbox! (This worth $$$$)

By the end of the four months you’ll actually know how to consistently get yourself in the U.S. press, you'll know to how to create killer copy that lands you every opportunity you could wish for AND new press labels on your website which'll naturally leverage all that you do. Oh, and lets not forget all those impressive speaking opportunities alongside more exciting stateside plans! 

I know your message and what's it taken to get you this far. I also know that the media love you and your approach to life is brave, inspiring and absolutely ready for sharing in an even bigger way. 

Want in? The investment:


One time investment:



A final note…


If you’ve got this far I think we both know what your heart is yearning. 


I’m your running buddy to run alongside you and cheer you on when the good gets going but also when your outta self-belief. 


Like you, I’m an entrepreneur with big dreams and a vision to impact the world for the better with those.


I take a stand for better than good for you and me. We both know you’re not here to play small anymore. 


So it’s time to say “HELL YES” and do that thing that catches your breath again! 


Suzie x

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