I believe anything is possible through the power of the media. It is my passion to create thes possibilities for your business and others by sharing the right stories in the press. But so often we choose to hide what we have to offer from those who need to hear from us most.

When you show up with palms wide with the right support in place and someone who believed in your products and services as much as you do – press possibilities become infinite.

I see you’re over all the smoke and mirrors that usually comes with the media. But you’ve got something really cool to share with the press and you want to hand it over to a PR team who value honesty, commitment and integrity.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to getting more visible than ever with your business?

  • You’ve already had some press coverage but you don’t know how to get into your dream titles where your ideal clients are hanging out

  • Your business is already thriving but you know it’s ready for so much more and you’re not here to play small!

  • You know you’re the expert in your field but you don’t know how to get the press calling you up as their expert for relevant news stories

  • You’re frustrated seeing products similar to yourself in magazines you know you should also being seen in

But you’ve been holding yourself back because you’re not sure you’re ‘ready’ yet. Yet you’re not sure how many times you can see peers being featured in media opportunities when you know deep down they’re perfect for you too. And the idea of working with a PR agency that doesn’t embody your values brings you out hives. So you’ve stayed stuck in your small story hoping someone will call you up to feature you and your business in your dream media opportunity. This is that call. Are you going to pick up or hide?

What if I told you all of these things could happen for you?

  • Invited on This Morning to speak as an expert in relation to a recent news story related to your work

  • Products worn by National TV personalities on holiday and picked up by Mail Online

  • You sell out of a product line due to recent coverage

  • Got a book deal with their dream publisher as a result of press credibility

  • Interviewed on World Mental Health Day by BBC World News on your views on mental health

  • Your raw snack bars in Stylist’s ‘Style List’ page aside several competitor brands

  • Your 1st Huffington Post blog post goes to the front page ‘featured’ posts and is read by millions allover the world

  • You get dream media sponsorship for your high-profile event in London

  • You have a meeting with the Editor of British Vogue to discuss a feature on your spiritual business coaching

  • You’re interviewed by The Sunday Times on your new book and it’s now on Amazon’s best-seller list

  • Your retreat is featured in Psychologies retreat roundup and you now have a waiting list

SPOILER ALERT: This has in fact happened for Well Spirited PR clients

We work with clients who have not only overcome their fears of the media but shattered all their limiting beliefs around whether their story and business is of interest to the press. The truth is – now is the time to be sharing heart centred businesses in the press. We are working in a time where people need to hear and see more from businesses. Now is not the time to be hiding.

If you want to find out if you’re ready or what possibilities could be available to you through PR then please do book your 60-minute complimentary PR Strategy session here today.

Well Spirited Publicity is a new kind of PR available to small businesses who have more to offer and say than your average brand. It’s not a ‘one size, fits all’ traditional PR agency approach. This is a client-led experience whereby we’re very much on your journey with you, working with you on any blocks you may previously had around getting visible. We work with a small number of handpicked brands and businesses where we feel a genuine connection with the work you do.



Work with Publicist, Suzie Bartle,  on this powerful PR programme and expect to be blown away by the opportunities that’ll unfold and growth you’ll see in your business.

Clients seen and featured in:


Testimonals – SB to locate over the next week

The Well Spirited Publicity package is as unique as your are. You will have a bespoke PR strategy curated exclusively for you and your business to find you the media exposure of your dreams. A typical 6-12 month programme includes:

•VIP half-day PR strategy session (3 hours) - where you will meet with WSPR Founder, Suzie Bartle face-to-face in a luxury hotel (with refreshments included) to cover: your key PR objectives, key messaging, opportunity ideas and agree target media. From this WSPR will draft up your PR strategy for sign off by you via DocuSign prior to media outreach commencing.

•Bespoke media toolkit drafted by WSPR and signed off in writing by you. These materials will include: your bio, your press release, your media list and your media pitch email.

•Media representation whereby we will be acting on your behalf when speaking with relevant media outlets

•WSPR will assign you a dedicated Account Manager who’ll be working alongside Suzie Bartle for everyday contact and assisting with media outreach

•Media training for all interview requests

•Unlimited Voxer Support between sessions, for extra love when you need it! (This is audio note support. You can download Voxer free from the app store)

•Ongoing email support during the programme

•One-day of media meetings with relevant key media. Format, dates and contacts to be signed off by both parties within initial PR Strategy document.

Additional services we also offer but are not limited by include:

  • U.S. Media support – Working with our dedicated U.S. based PR Consultant in New York

  • New York media meetings day

  • Media Monitoring - Weekly media monitoring reports from key press

  • Social Media – consulting, planning and implementation

  • Photography – in-house photographer available for ad hoc projects

  • SEO – working with industry specialist to increase traffic

  • Speaking Opportunities – sourcing speaking opportunities through agency contacts

  • Media and influencer events – organising themed events outside package

Our client Kate Scott – founder of To Dive For described working with us as: XXXX



If this is the type of PR support you’ve been looking for or you’d love to explore how it could help you, we’d be thrilled to explore possibilities with you.  Apply for complimentary PR strategy session with me.



  • How to break into the U.S. media with our incredible New York based Publicist Marielle Legair – photo and bonus tbc by SB

  • Complimentary audio guide on how to get the right photography to get more visible by personal branding photographer Becky Rui

  • Complimentary call with Sophie French on how to get a social feed that sells and attracts all the right attention



  • You're not open to the idea that someone else could have fresh new ideas for your business

  • Your main motivation for PR is to become famous for ego-driven reasons

  • You want to invest in PR for solely sales reults

  • You don't want to get get visible

  • You expect overnight results

  • You don't want to create a positive impact through your business

  • You're not comfortable with delegating parts of your business


  • You have aspirations to become an expert or leader in your industry

  • You're a conscious brand or entrepreneur

  • You have already achieved success, but you want to get to next level

  • You know success isn't enough and seek to share your work with the world as far as you can

  • You're ready to delegate the work you know in your heart isn’t your zone of genius

  • You want to make a difference to other people’s lives through the use of the media

  • You are ready to get really visible and are palms open to all the opportunities that come from that

  • You want to build and grow your following


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*Spaces available on application only, please apply below *

Investment in full – 6 months £9,000

Payment plan – 6 months of 6 instalments at £1,800 per month

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A final note…


If you have reached this point in the page you’re really craving taking your business to the next level through the power of publicity.



Are you ready to share listen to that dream of sharing your business in the media despite the fears? Don’t keep hiding yourself and your business from all those people craving to hear about you.


We need you to step into the limelight more than ever. There’s an appetitie out there for conscious businesses and for people to hear about a better way than before. If people don’t hear or see about you they won’t know you exist. And the only person who decides that is you. This is your choice whether you go big or not.


You can keep on keeping yourself small and unknown but who does that serve? You or your potential dream customers or clients? Nobody.

You only need to visit the newsagents to see how there’s a desperate need to change the media landscape by filling it with world-changing products and people. That’s you by the way!


Imagine how it would feel to have people write to you tell you they’ve been searching for you for years and hearing your story really helped them feel less alone? What if you answered a problem someone has been trying to solve for years but no one knew you’d created the solution.


Clients of ours have sold out of products, been found by dream clients, got book deals, had their products worn by well-known media influencers, been interviewed by experts on international TV and more. The difference between them and you – the choice to share your work.


Are you ready to start really going big and following you biggest dreams for your business and life? I want to hear from you.


I can’t wait to see what incredible things we can create together.


Suzie x